joshua burton-payne

Technical UI Artist

Sonic Dash


Sonic Dash is one of the biggest mobiles games currently being the 7th most downloaded game in the world with over 600Million downloads.
Sonic dash is an endless runner which is nearly 10 years old in which we keep doing updates to with a small team we create new features, optimise current features and add new characters, levels, etc…


As a UI technical Artist working on Sonic Dash there is a lot of improvments that can be done. Because it is a game from 2013 and only on mobile which is supported on very low end device with not a lot of memory, there is a lot of old tech and unoptimised assets so there is a continous need to keep improving assets to keep our game small and performant as possible.

One of the biggest upgrades I did to the game was implementing the store in Dash. As we are a small team on the project I was involved with most of the process from Design all the way to the polish pass on the feature.

Dash store